About Us

Hello, I’m Rick Stillman, owner and fletcher of The Feathered Shaft.  Thank you for visiting my website.  After many years of crafting arrows for myself, friends and donations, I am excited to take the next step and offer my passion to the public. 

Quality and attention to detail have always been the focus of my efforts.  I first started making arrows around 1978, using Easton aluminum shafts so popular at that time. 

By 1983, I had progressed to shooting and making arrows with wood shafting, and have since then continued to focus my efforts strictly toward wood arrows.  In 2002, I made my first entry in the Professional Bowhunters Society’s Three Arrow Competition and won.  I repeated that win in 2004. 

The Three Arrow Competition focused on quality, craftsmanship and consistency between the arrows.  I am very proud of these wins and mention them not to brag, but to qualify my promise to make the finest wood shafted arrows available.