Hand Crafted Arrows

The heart and soul of any arrow is in its shaft, and no material embodies spirit, beauty and tradition like wood.  I have selected Surewood Fir and Hildebrand Sitka Spruce as my shafts of choice because of their consistent high quality and excellent shooting characteristics.  These qualities are enhanced by a ten inch taper on the fletch end of the shaft.  Tapering the shaft lightens the tail of the arrow which improves recovery from paradox and moves the center of gravity forward, greatly improving stability.  After tapering, the shafts are hand spined and sorted into true five pound or less groups and weight matched to within 10 grains per dozen shafts.  The shafts are stained, crown dipped, crested, finished, fletched and transformed into arrows in accordance with the customer’s desires.

All shafts are carefully selected for natural straightness and good grain, then  tapered, hand spined, weighed and matched.  The nock and point tapers are true and accurate.  My arrow finish is smooth, clean, waterproof, tough and resists target burn.  American produced Trueflight fletching is consistently and securely installed using Bitzenburger jigs.  Whether made fancy or plain, I take no shortcuts in crafting my arrows and use only the best components available.

Your arrows will be fitted with Bohning Classic nocks unless otherwise specified.  Left wing five inch shield cut feathers are standard, but right wing, parabolic or four inch is available at no extra charge.

NO FRILLS LOTTA THRILLS - $84.00 doz or $46.00 1/2 doz
Stained or natural shaft with 3 solid color 5 inch feathers.  Colors are your choice.

FULL DRESS - $129.00 doz
True custom arrows made to your wishes.  Stained or natural shaft, crowned, crested and fletched as you wish.  Cut to length and point taper included.

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Custom Burned Fletching Shape   $20.00/dz
Four Fletch   $6.00/dz
Artificial Barred Feathers  $4.00/dz
Field Points, 125gr, 145gr, 160gr, 190gr, installed  $8.00/dz
Broadhead Mounting   $1.00/ea

SPINE TEST ARROWS             $7 each or $30.00 per 4
Basic arrows marked with the static AMO spine that are used to determine the correct spine for your bow.  Crafted with the same quality and attention to detail as my other arrows but not stained or closely weight matched.  Bright fletching so the flight can be more easily followed.

TAPERED BARE SHAFTS                                            $48.00 dz
These are the same shafts that my arrows are crafted with.  Douglas Fir, straightened as needed, tapered, hand spined into true five pound or less spine groups and weight matched to within ten grains.

READY TO FLETCH                                                     $65.00 dz
Tapered Fir shafts, stained, sealed and finished just like my complete arrows, ready for your nocks and fletching.  Cut to length and point taper included.


Less than $10








$160.00 and up